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Lower Back Pain & Treatment

How worried should I be about low back pain?

Do not assume the worst. Almost everyone gets back pain at some point. Low back pain can be scary. But it is almost never serious. It usually goes away on its own. The cases that require surgery or urgent care are rare. Specialist Pain provides lower back pain treatment in Singapore?.

See your? back pain specialist? if you have back pain and you:

  • Have numbness or weakness in your legs
  • Have problems with bowel or bladder control
  • Have a fever or feel sick in other ways
  • Take steroid medicine on a regular basis
  • Have a history of cancer or osteoporosis

You should also see a back specialist if:

  • Your back pain is acute
  • Your back pain does not improve with rest or a change in position, and is so severe that you cannot perform simple tasks
  • Your back pain does not start to improve within 3 to 4 weeks

What are the parts of the back?

The back is made up of:

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  • Vertebrae