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Chronic Pain Management Today

Pain: A major health problem… with serious implications that can devastate lives

Untreated chronic pain is a grave issue with major repercussions. Consequently, numerous individuals suffer from lowered wellbeing, mobility restrictions, social isolation and anxiety. Almost one third of chronic pain sufferers also experience depression. In spite of this, undertreatment and lack of treatment are still prevalent in many parts of the world.

Spine Pain

There are a myriad of reasons for spine pain (neck and back). Many individuals consult a doctor or pain management specialist for spine pain. Taking into account that nearly 85% of adults will experience some variation of neck or back pain, it is possible to conclude that spine pain is a condition that affects everybody. Spine pain sees no limits on age, economic background, or ethnicity. At Specialist Pain, we provide expert pain management in Singapore by qualified spine specialists and doctors in Singapore.

Better understanding and better treatments options than ever before

painillustratorWhat is great is that in the present day, modern medicine understands pain — and of the need for specialized care — much better than before. Pain specialists and physicians are presently educated in the advanced physical and psychological effects of chronic pain and in the latest, effective treatments. Specifically, some non-surgical pain treatments utilized by modern pain management clinics have been described to be the “missing link” bridging traditional care and surgical options. As a matter of fact, there are many more options for pain relief and resolution, even for people who think — or have been told — that “nothing else can be done.”